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For many of us this is the greatest part of the year, because we get a chance to give away all kinds of presents without our motives being questioned. We just love to create presents, and even more we love to give them away. But the greatest joy is getting the feedback, knowing it made some difference, even if it's only temporary.

Since our mission is to offer multimedia arts for wellness, we made our selection around those terms. This time we are going to reveal some great resources for using arts for your wellness.

Please proceed to the section below with the listing of all the treats.

Cute Animal Christmas Song


Hot Tip

Compile the selected resources on a nicely designed digital word sheet, listing all the favorite links, and email it to your dear ones as a present.
Alternative: compile them and burn them on a CD-ROM, and plant it under a Xmas tree for someone special.

Christmas Treats


We have some free top-production videos to season your holidays. They are all free to watch:

Most viewed video in the history of the internet- Zeitgeist. Warning: Watch it only if you are open minded, otherwise it will hurt you.
Have you seen The Secret? It changed millions of lives, and you can see it here for free: Secret
Follow up:
Many people get depressed around this time of the year. We think this movie inspire us all to see good side of misfortune, and even though you already saw it, it sure doesn't hurt to see it again: It's a Wonderful Life
An animated film in which the real spirit of Christmas is rediscovered: Cosmic Christmas
An animated film introduced by David Bowie : The Snowman. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 1983.
Christmas Decorations
Learn here how to make a beautiful paper snow-flake - like origami. Also, check out all the other Xmas ornaments for instructions how to make them.
Each year at Christmas  many precious trees are unnecessary dying for us, for our temporary joy. It doesn't have to be this way. Make your own environmentally friendly Xmas Tree by only cutting small brunches of a tree and fastening them onto a solid background, like on this picture. This way it is not artificial, and still has the smell of a real pine tree. No one ever noticed this tree was not a real one. Click here to see the video tutorial.

How to make a popcorn-cranberry garland for your Christmas tree - video

101 easy ideas for Christmas decorations

Christmas Cards

Would you like to make digital Christmas cards yourself? Do you have a Photoshop? If yes, then here is a tutorial for you.

Crafts: How to make a Christmas tree pop up card or jeweled card or many other Xmas cards

Wellness Audios

We have some Wellness Tunes for you:

  • Fancy a laugh? Let this video make you laugh, it's so viral, you will laugh even if you don't want to: Laugh Infection
  • Need to make sure to get enough sleep at night these days? Listen to this lullaby prior to going to bed - Lullaby

Here are some nice e-books for you:

Here are some of the best Christmas stories to lift your spirits up and to inspire you.

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Before you start shopping for presents, maybe you should watch this video "Santa's Workshop" as to learn how most of the toys and presents are made by child labour or abused labour, with underprivileged being forced to work double shifts for next to no wage, so that we can get them cheap. If you have compassion for those kids, we suggest not supporting this trade by buying from them. Instead, buy fair-trade presents, make your own presents, and/or give away ours from Present Picker. Once a critical mass of people refrain from pouring cash into the pockets of child abusers, they will be forced to bend. Even if you don't believe you can make difference, at least avoid getting guilty conscience. You count.

Santa's Workshop



Hilarious Xmas Song of a Dead Terrorist

Charlie Brown Christmas


Mr. Bean's Christmas

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