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novel "Mystique Treelet" by Talidari

Adventure Stories of a Cosmopolitan Treasure Huntress

A modern tale of a young, stylish Slavic woman’s journey
across the world to find the magic tree that fulfills every wish.

Are you interested in novels that are both entertaining and inspirational?
Books that reveal how to achieve the lightness of being, the wellbeing?
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Fiction / Novel / Mystery / Action & Adventure / Inspirational / Metaphysical /
Women's Adventure Fiction / Contemporary Women / Action & Adventure / World Literature
Narrative Non-fiction / Literary Travelogue / Self-Help / Success / Personal transformation Inspirational / Spirituality / Travel


  • magic tree ebooklearning by traveling – as opposed to learning by studying or learning by doing
  • homage to personal authenticity
  • honoring intuition over reason
  • a tribute to the sacred feminine and nonviolence - protagonists carry out their challenging tasks with finesse rather than force
  • civil disobedience and challenging establishment structures (formal education, religion, big corporations, conventional medicine…)
  • the fifth dimension
  • a hero with multiple personalities
  • advantages of using the third ear
  • importance of doing a full circle


A contemporary tale of a young Slavic woman’s journey across the world to find the magic tree that fulfills every wish.

In favor of learning by traveling, student Magda breaks from the confines of conformity and quits her formal studies to pursue her dreams on her own terms, maintaining her authenticity by using intuition over reason. A fateful encounter with a wealthy Chinese man sets her on a mission to find the magic tree, which is told to help her achieve long-lasting happiness and prosperity. As it turns out, the magic tree is the alternative to formal education, religion, and medicine; as well as to Holy grail, Philosopher's Stone, Golden fish, Aladdin's lamp...

There is a catch; the tree is guarded by ferocious goblins (representing destructive emotions and attitudes) that need to be tamed, not killed, by special tool (virtues). On her journey that turns into a spiritual odyssey Magda tries to fulfill her mission by mastering the gizmos and taming the goblins in far and exotic places, in encounters with strangers, in peculiar circumstances, exceptional surroundings, in celestial spheres and mystifying tales, until her quest takes her finally to a place where everything is possible – the mystical fifth dimension. Her decade-long quest is set against the backdrop of a dozen countries around the world: Europe - Croatia, Italy, Turkey; Asia - Japan, India, China; Africa - Angola; Latin America and the Caribbean. On her quest she is confronted with all kinds of setbacks, testing her resolve; falls into the hands of goblins and is often challenged, constrained and put in extremely difficult situations, where she needs to be resourceful in finding solutions. With her multiple personalities, using her imagination and intuition, believing everything is possible and paying much attention to the world around her, which serve as omens guiding her towards her goal, young Magda becomes a high-flyer in her own right, spinning unfavorable circumstances into riches.<

Length: 447 pages

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The story has a universal appeal that transcends all cultural and gender barriers. It has the comic charm, dramatic tension and psychological intensity of a fairy tale, but it's full of unconventional wisdom, self-empowerment, and guidelines how to make everything possible.

Readers are given a front seat at an encounter with forces that shape our lives, and are encouraged to look outside their own culture, taken to a spectacular array of different realms, often to be challenged by the same questions on race, sex, education, religion and other issues that perplex the world we live in. The novel appeals especially to young people, who don’t like to study, since the book presents a young person's struggle to break from the confines of conformity and to pursue her dreams on her own terms. It appeals especially to girls and young women, because they can relate to the main female protagonist. It also appeals to all the people who love traveling, since this story is a travelogue of soul-searching and self-discovery.


TalidariTalidari is the pseudonym for Slavic authors, living in Germany.

They found the magic tree that fulfills every wish.

naTalija, born 1970. in Croatia, has worked her way around the world as an au pair in Canada, a show-girl in a Turkish night-club, an assistant to a magician touring Italy, a cocktail-waitress on cruise-ship across Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, a hostess in a karaoke lounges of Japan and England, an English teacher in Turkey and Japan, a manager of a London model agency and later a professional Poker player in London and Germany, then selling paintings for an art gallery in Germany, personal assistant in Hong Kong, in India she lived in an ashram of a spiritual guru, in Yorkshire she underwent a preparation in a special college, following an assignment in Angola as a volunteer for a  humanitarian organization, then as an executive at a major financial firm in Croatia – until she found her true calling: multimedia artist - writer, singer/songwriter, designer. After 16 years of traveling around the world, visiting over 60 countries, she settled with her husband in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dariusz, born 1971. in Poland, has lived, studied and worked in Germany since age of 16. He’s a graduate social pedagogue and multimedia artist. He has worked in the costume department of the Düsseldorf Opera theatre. He plays didgeridoo, paints, designs and writes. He’s a proud owner of the “Best Husband in the World” certificate.

Talidari also own a virtual Art Pharmacy and preside over “The School of Life” – alternative education center in Croatia.


  • Table with listing of the the vices and virtues (goblins and gizmos) - related to the story
  • Table "Ways of the Rich vs. Ways of the Poor"
  • Interview with authors

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